Hospitality Consulting

Whatever your brand vision and values are, we design, develop and refine your products, dishes or full menus to keep you ahead of your competitors.

With our expertise in food and hospitality, we can help your organization create a menu tailored to your customers’ preferences, including fine dining, seasonal, and on-trend dishes that will excite your customers.
A future-proof offer starts with commercially viable menus and recipes that maximize sales mix potential. This is combined with strategic planning to ensure that all recipes are fully costed, supply chains are set up, and labour models are prepared.
The detail is crucial to success. Every aspect of the operation is plannedand supported by process guidelines and best-in-class training materials, your team is trained, and every launch is supported by our experts.
In addition we take care of food safety implementation and business licensing. 
For every aspect of your hospitality business that may raise a concern, we will find a suitable solution.